Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Republican primary candidates for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals


The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the court of last resort for all criminal matters in Texas and elects judges to eight possible seats for six year terms in a statewide election. The Presiding Judge’s office, along with Place 7 and Place 8 are up for election in 2024. The incumbents are Judge Sharon Keller (R), Judge Barbara Hervey (R) and Judge Michelle Slaughter (R), respectively. Gina Parker and Lee Finley, challengers for Place 7 and Place 8, respectively, spoke during a Feb. 12 Republican candidate fair and forum hosted at Rockwood Golf Course in Fort Worth. Hervey, Slaughter, Keller and David Schenk, Keller’s primary challenger, were not present for the forum.

Gina Parker, Place 7 candidate

Parker started by praising the grassroots efforts of the Republican Party precinct chairs and volunteers and by promoting Finley and Schenk in their races.
“I really believe that the three of us who are running against the incumbents stand a very good chance to win because of people like you, because of the grassroots,” Parker said to the audience. “This will be a win for not only me personally because I want to be a judge, not only for Attorney General Ken Paxton, but for the grassroots, for we the people.”
Parker described the Stevens Case, where she said the three incumbents up for reelection stripped Paxton of his ability to prosecute alleged election fraud cases unilaterally.
“That means in blue cities with Soros-backed DAs, election fraud will go unchecked, and we can’t have that,” Parker said. “Are you tired of elected officials that have two standards of justice, elected officials that don’t keep their promises to you, and judges who do not uphold the rule of law? I’m tired of that and I’m telling you today that as a grassroots activist myself, I will not betray your trust.”
Parker described having a lifetime of work devoted to the Republican Party, since her mother was a vice chairwoman and has several decades of experience in law. Parker related to the audience by saying she had also block-walked, volunteered and done many of the things that they had.
“Because of that, your presence here and your vote for me is more than just putting me into a position. I believe that I’m going to be representing you,” Parker said. “What I want you to remember most about me is that I am the Constitutional conservative in this race.”
Parker concluded her speech by stating she received the Texas Eagle Award and worked as national judicial reform chairwoman for American attorney, conservative activist, author, and anti-feminist spokesperson Phyllis Schlafly. Parker also noted her endorsements by Paxton, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller and other major conservative organizations in Texas.
“That’s because I know these people and I’ve worked in the trenches,” Parker said.

Lee Finley Place 8 candidate

Finley kept his response brief, describing himself as a Marine veteran with 20 years’ experience in criminal law.
“I am strongly pro-life, pro second amendment, pro individual rights and anti-big government. If I am elected to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, I will protect and defend your individual rights. I will protect and defend the sanctity of all life and I will protect and defend the individual right to keep and bear arms.”