Sunday, May 26, 2024

Local pastor wins seat on school board

Geary defeats Massey for Place 4 on board of trustees


AZLE — With former Azle ISD superintendent and current board of trustees member Ray Lea retiring, families within the district were guaranteed to see a new face in Place 4. During the recent May 4 election, Lea’s soon-to-be former seat as well as board Vice President Tim Brown’s seat were both up for re-election, though Brown’s race was ultimately uncontested, and he remains in Place 3 with 100% of the vote.

Former educator and stay-at-home mom Kelsey Massey and Merge Community Church Pastor Brandon Geary faced off for Lea’s open seat. In the Tarrant County side of Azle, Geary won the race with 378 votes to Massey’s 285, or 57.01% to 42.99% respectively. Parker County Azleites votes for Geary with 62.55% of the vote to Massey’s 37.45% with 243 total votes cast.

When asked for comment, Massey did not reply by the Tri-County Reporter’s production deadline.

Geary sent in a response which he later posted to his campaign’s Facebook Saturday night.

“Now the polls have closed and as the results are being tallied I wanted to take some space to speak about a few thoughts I have had over these past few months of running for the opportunity to serve Azle ISD as a trustee(I will try to keep this brief but if you hear me on a Sunday morning you would know that is a tall task from a short man.)


Since announcing my candidacy I have been encouraged and complimented by so many. It is a strange experience to have so many of your close friends, casual acquaintances, and distant strangers speak so highly of you and declare a belief in your abilities to lead. I am thankful for the many people who rallied behind our campaign, helped get the word out, and were willing to engage others in good conversation. I am so thankful for the many groups willing to allow me to sit down with them and share my heart for our district and my desire to serve further. At the end of this, win or lose, I have felt very loved by our city.


Elections today are fueled by tactics where candidates elicit votes by speaking ill of their opponents. I have tried to work hard over this campaign to not even use the word “opponent” when it comes to Kelsey Massey. I have strived to refer to her as the other person running for an opportunity to serve. In an election cycle where what seems to work is talking about reasons to not vote for someone, I feel we have strived to talk about reasons to vote for us! Kelsey has run an incredible campaign and would be a fantastic addition to the board if she wins this election. She has advocated for herself based on her desire and experience. This is exactly what I have attempted to do as well. I am proud of the campaign both parties have run when it comes to our treatment of one another.


As eager as I am to find out the results of this election. I am excited about what the future holds for Azle ISD. We have some serious challenges when it comes to public education in the state of Texas. There will be some important matters coming up in the next few months regarding vouchers and school funding that will have a long-term effect on our kid's classrooms. That being said, I remain a fan of the efforts of the current board at Azle ISD and believe they are up to the task of serving our kids, families and city well. I do believe our best days are ahead of us as a district and am hopeful I will have the opportunity to help shape those days as a trustee, but if not, I will gladly continue serving our district as one of its biggest fans!”