Sunday, May 26, 2024

Springtown football hosts regular season finale against Wichita Falls

One more


SPRINGTOWN — The Porcupines locked down a football playoff spot a while back, making this Friday’s regular season finale against Wichita Falls mostly for fun.

At least for Springtown.

Wichita Falls will be fighting to hang on to the fourth seed and will most likely play like their season depends on a victory.

The Coyotes won’t have it easy. The game will be played under Springtown’s homefield lights against an inspired Porcupine team coming off a 70-14 trouncing of Burkburnett on Oct. 27.

Burkburnett had been scrambling for a spot as a fourth seed, too, and the Bulldogs kept the Porcupines scoreless midway through the first quarter. Burkburnett made a pick-6 to take a 7-0 lead and were obviously thrilled.

For a while.

Then, the Porcupines began scoring.

And scoring some more.

Hudson Hulett ran for a 58-yard TD. Brayden Fox ran 22 yards for a TD and followed with a 20-yarder for another score. The defense recovered a fumble for a TD. Nathan Johnson ran for three TDs. Hulett hit Fox for a TD pass. The night erupted into a touchdown extravaganza and Springtown’s highest production all season.

Fans hope to see more of that this week in the last game before postseason begins.

Springtown (6-3) will play Wichita Falls (2-7) at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 3, at Porcupine Stadium.