Tuesday, July 23, 2024

6 online shopping tips to help you save money


(BPT) - Whether you're shopping for a special occasion or purchasing everyday necessities, ordering items that you need and want online can be a great way to save money, especially if you stay focused on what you're looking for, search for the best deals — and use the latest tech tools to help you scout those deals.

Here are some tips that can help you save as you make the most of online shopping.

1. Don't get distracted

Shopping online can involve navigating lots of visual distractions, including tempting photos of many other products that may not be on your shopping list. To avoid going down a window-shopping rabbit hole, write your list out and set it where you can see it while you're searching, to help you stay on track. Having a clear idea of what you're looking for — and how much you're willing to spend — will also help you avoid impulse purchases.

2. Compare to save

One of the top ways to keep costs down is by comparing prices before you hit "order now." While it can seem overwhelming to check on all the possible prices for similar products that are out there, Microsoft Shopping on the Edge browser can help you find great deals. With tools such as coupon auto apply, Microsoft Cashback and price comparison, the browser will search the web for coupons and deals on items you're shopping for, and alert you if it finds a better price. In fact, shoppers can get an average annual savings of $431 using Microsoft Edge, and have been offered over $8.4 billion in savings worldwide.

3. Use smart tech to help you shop

Do you sometimes have trouble finding just the right gift for someone, or figuring out what to purchase for yourself or your home? Copilot in Microsoft Shopping can help by providing personalized recommendations and shopping assistance, powered by AI. For example, you can say something like, "I’m looking for a new summer dress. Make a list of summer dress styles with an image for each. Also, list the best online retailers for a good deal on dresses."

4. Maximize cash back offers

There's nothing better than getting cash back on something. Check to see if you can get cash back deals on a credit card that you already use for online shopping. You can also visit the Microsoft Cashback page to see what cash back offers are available and get 3X cash back on select brands every Tuesday, with their Triple Cash back Tuesdays.

5. Subscribe, but be strategic

Some online vendors offer discounts for subscriptions on products you know you'll want to re-purchase frequently, such as household or personal items. But before signing up to subscribe, make sure it's a product you really want to keep buying, and take note of how often you're likely to re-purchase it so you can choose a time frame that makes sense. Check that the amount of the discount makes subscribing worthwhile, and that you can adjust the frequency of the purchase easily, if needed.

6. Read customer reviews

Have you ever ordered something, only to find the product failed to deliver on its promises? You can avoid buyer's remorse by taking the time to read several online reviews, especially for costlier purchases. While you may see a wide range of ratings and opinions on any given product at first, if you read enough reviews you can spot patterns such as the biggest benefits of the product — and the most common issues. Those broader patterns can help you make smarter decisions between different brands or types of products before you spend your hard-earned dollars.

Ready to save more while you shop? Microsoft Shopping in Edge helps you add confidence to your cart when you shop online.